Hard at Work!

September 27, 2007

Although the website has not seen updates we are very hard work. Look forward to the first GDI Coffee House in early November. In the mean time if you are interested in getting involved drop me an e-mail, at Reuben.Ingber@gmail.com.   


Summer: Planning

June 23, 2007

Over the summer Reuben (Founder) will work with different members of pro-Israel community to begin planning for the fall.

This fall as GDI begins to establish itself we will create a set of initiatives. GDI will begin to build bridges with campus leaders and influentials, as we do that our message that we believe in protecting the state of Israel through a fostering a strong U.S.-Israel Relationship will spread through out the campus.

In the fall GDI members will begin to submit a series of editorials to the Albany Student Press for publication.

See you in the Fall, and have an excellent summer!